KansasFest 2010 redux – Apple II programming

Created using Javascript tracing tool.
Created using Javascript tracing tool. Exported to AppleSoft BASIC.

I have a bad habit of getting things 90% complete and then never finding the momentum for that last 10%. I did a presentation for the annual Apple II convention, KFest back in the summer of 2010. I also released a fairly buggy Apple IIgs game while I was there. I intended to fix some bugs in the game’s code and add a bunch of extras to my presentation package and then my life kind of went pear shaped. Now, over a year (and a missed KFest) later I decided I need to just put this stuff out, and move on with my life, and start some new Apple II projects. So I’m making this post which is a general collection of my presentation and game. It has my presentation notes, all of my presentation code, all of the code and assets for my game and a little info about it all.