Apple IIgs Programming Crash Course now available on GitHub


The code and presentation notes from my session at KansasFest 2013 are now available on GitHub. It’s intended as a more modern introduction to programming the Apple IIgs, being mindful of the differences from its predecessors.

Click here to download the latest version of the materials from my github repository.

The real meat-and-potatoes is in the “Crash Course.pdf” file. It’s an extremely compressed explanation of building System 16 executables, ToolBox calls and how the video display works on the Apple IIgs.

I’ll be unable to work on this for a while, but that’s ok because I’m waiting for the notorious French group, Brutal Deluxe, to release their new compiler and then I’ll update my examples to show how to use that. Also, I plan to expand the material to include information on audio programming using the Ensonic DOC chip and maybe eventually even getting into OMF and multi-segmented programs.

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