OzKFest 2015

So much Dagen!
So much Dagen!

Around November 0f 2014, I had created a new toy for the Apple II… double-lo res delta animation playback (think animated GIFs).  I figured that I had over 6 months to put that into a cool demo and make a presentation about it for OzKFest.

What’s OzKFest?

It’s an Apple II conference that gets held, almost yearly, in Australia.  As an avid fan of the older computer platforms, I love to support these kinds of events when I can.  However, I couldn’t afford the time nor ticket to make it to Australia.  So I begged them to let me present remotely.

They agreed and I was super exited to work on polishing my demo.  Unfortunately, a lot happened in my personal life during that period which slowed my progress.  I did present, and it was ok, but I didn’t get the demo quality, or the presentation video up to my normal quality criteria.

Still, it’s worth sharing as the work is nearly done and quite interesting.  I do plan to finish the demo, hopefully soon, but now I prepare for the next Apple II meetup in two weeks, KansasFest 2015.


So… without further ado.  This is an alpha release of the demo and my presentation. My apologies to the OZKFEST crew. I ran out of time on this one, despite putting in many many hours.  I still had a great time and appreciate them letting me be a part of their event.

Watch this page for updates.  You can always permalink the URL http://dagenbrock.com/ozkfest2015

YouTube video of the presentation:

Video of the demo (sound is not recorded properly)

You can download the disk image of the demo and run it on your own Apple II or emulator: http://www.dagenbrock.com/static/downloads/OZ.po

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