Retro Apple Bonanza

Family Portrait II
Family Portrait II

I decided as a birthday present to myself that I would finally get an older Apple II computer. I have a couple of old IIgs’es I play with regularly these days as well a IIc that was missing the power brick. I did the whole “items wanted” thing on Craigslist in hopes that someone nearby would sell me one on the cheap.

The first two replies were promising but their descriptions of the systems were a little vague and when I asked for more information I got no response. The third response sounded great: an Apple II+, Apple IIe and Apple IIc all with monitors and all “quite clean”. She was willing to let them go for $80. Not a great price and not a horrible price. Either way, I couldn’t get a deal like that through eBay because the shipping on the monitors alone would have to be at least $50.

I don’t know what it is about Apple II fans. They seem two fall in to two categories, IT nerds who grew up loving the computer, or absolute crazy freakazoids like the seller of these systems. She reminded me of the cat lady on the Simpsons. Granted, she was very nice so I’m not trying to put her down, but I’d be lying if I said her house didn’t smell like cats. Thankfully I didn’t have to go inside. The Apple II’s were all in her garage along with about 10 early Macs, a couple of later Macs, a G4, an Apple Cinema Display and various other things that were apparently part of an eBay business she was running.

Anyway, I gave her my $80 and got my Apples loaded in the car and took off. As far as the systems being “clean”… uh… I don’t know how dusty and covered in fur equates to clean but oh well. That wasn’t the worst of it though. I was really disappointed to see that the Apple IIc had some keys broken off! Thankfully I knew my spare at home probably worked fine and I finally had my Apple IIc power brick! That’s all I really wanted so having the matching monitor and the two 3.5” drives was just a nice bonus.

After testing and opening the systems, I realized that even with the dings, flaws and copious amounts of animal hair I had to clean out that I got some great systems and that they were finally in the right hands. I’ll take good care of them.




Here’s a rundown of the equipment I got for $80:
Apple II+

Apple II+ inside shot.
Apple II+ inside shot.
  • SuperMod Video RF out
  • Duo Disk & Controller
  • Memory Expansion card
  • Some other card… 80col or lowercase expansion perhaps? Haven’t really messed with this system yet.


Apple IIe

Interesting Apple IIe with interesting cards.
Interesting Apple IIe with interesting cards.

WOW.. loaded

  • Parallel Card
  • Serial Card
  • Transwarp Accelerator
  • Disk Controller
  • Memory Expansion Card
  • ViewMaster 80 Card

Unfortunately the Apple IIe keyboard didn’t work when I tried it. Could just be a loose cable but I haven’t had time to troubleshoot it yet. Otherwise system powers up fine and looks good.

Apple IIc

Oh noes.  Poor abused IIc.
Oh noes. Poor abused IIc.
  • Broken keys on keyboard.. boooo!
  • More importantly, I got the PSU so I can use my other IIc finally!


  • Zenith (monochrome) seems broken. I just get a green line. Too bad. I like the clicky rotary power switch on these btw… reminds me of old-timey times.
  • Apple (monochrome) display. Works great. It’s got that built in tilt case. Kinda neat.
  • Apple IIc (monochrome) display. This is a great piece to have if you own a IIc. Looks like ET, has that great Snow White design.

Disk Drives

  • Two regular 5.25″ drives
  • Duo-disk 5.25″ drives
  • Two 3.5″ drives

All in all.. I’m pretty pleased.

Complete Apple IIc setup!
Complete Apple IIc setup!

And I finally have a working Apple IIc.


There are more pictures in the gallery!


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