Festro 8-bit demo for Apple II

Happy Holidays everyone. Here’s my latest assembly demo for Apple II.

Sorry, that vid isn’t very good, there are some sound synchronization issues due to the capture method via emulator… but you should run it on real hardware anyway, right? 😉

Click here to download the source code and a bootable disk image version of the demo.


Please feel free to clone/fork the source and make some contributions.

If you have any questions please contact me. This demo (or maybe it’s more of an intro) is actually in 65C02 assembly so it won’t work on earlier (non-“enhanced”) Apple II’s. I believe it should work on all IIc’s, any enhanced IIe’s, and of course the Apple IIgs. It probably wouldn’t take much work to get it running on earlier Apple II’s, and pretty much none of this is really optimized so you could get it to run without any real performance drop. If you wanted to optimize it, you could probably get it quite a bit faster, even on the lowly 6502, but I’ve got to move on. 😉

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