Off-Platform Development Presentation

This is the dirty unfinished/unclean presentation. This includes the slides, various images, helper programs and some random disk images (and my git data.. have fun).

I've bundled it using various compressors so take your pick below:

Download kfest2010.tgz


A game for the Apple IIgs.

I didn't get to put in quite as much as I'd hoped on this game but the box came out really nicely and I was happy to be able to give it away at KFest to fellow attendees.

The disk image hosted here is a minor update of the one I gave out at KFest with slightly different sound code (which seems to have some issues still) and now there's an explosion animation when a player crashes! Also, this game should run fine from a hard drive and it needs to be launched from GS/OS 5'ish.

I will remove this image in a week or two to put up a non KFest (final) version for public consumption that has the working highscore screen instead of the KFest greets.

Source code is included on this disk. The gameplay code is pretty much untouched since 1992-1993 when it was written. All of the fancy graphics and sound code is more recent with the exception of the "Mindstream" screen which is original from 1990's.

I'm not licensing the source code or assets at this time but you are free to use it however you please. I plan to include the Creative Commons license on the final release.

When the final release of the game is done I will offer more boxed versions for sale online in case anyone wants a little collector's item. Again this should be in about a week.

If you were at KFest and didn't get a copy (or were one of our remote presenters: Ryan, Sheppy, Wayne, ?) then feel free to send me an email and request one and include your address. I'll make sure you get a boxed copy.

BIG THANKS: to Chris Shepherd who actually gave me the original code for a little light cycle game some 18 years or so ago. There may still be a few lines in the main gameplay code from that original version. I've obviously added a lot (mostly eye/ear candy) but you can thank Chris for the original inspiration for this project. Next time hopefully I can get him to collaborate with me! ;)

Here's what the awesome box and game look like!
(click to zoooooom)